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Tourism Industry in Ijen Crater - Banyuwangi

Over the past few years, the Ijen Crater Banyuwangi has growth & it follow other areas to be one of popular tourism destinations in East Java. Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen is another volcanic tourism attraction in Indonesia. Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen) is a famous tourism object, which has been known by the domestic and foreign tourists because of the beautiful and charming nature. It is 5,466 hectares, 2,386 meters high from the depth of the sea, with a 92 hectares tourism forest. Its temperature is between 2 to 8 degree centigrade and the crater area lies at 2.386 meters above sea level (mdpl). 

There are many beautiful species of plants that can be found there, such as; the edelweiss flower and the Casuarina Junghu (cemara gunung), etc. Various animals can also be seen in the area like jungle fowl (ayam hutan) and porcupine (landak). The Ijen Crater lies about 68km from the town center. There are some of facilities here such as: a campground, a shelter and Tourist Information Center (TIC) etc.

For supporting the tourism's facilities in Ijen Crater area, there are many villa, hotels, homestay & guesthouse have been built in order the tourist can get accommodation before they do for Ijen Crater trekking tour. Based on updated condition for tourism's industry in Banyuwangi, especially in Ijen Crater area has been growth up significan, we offer and promote the land and villa/ homestay to be sold to the investor as detail below:

Overview of the land:
This is around 2.4 hectare (24.000 m2 or 240 are) Freehold land is located in the Ijen Crater area. Less than 10 minutes from the Ground camping or post 1 paltuding on the slope of Mount Ijen and around 30 minutes to the city center of Banyuwangi. This piece of freehold land is everyone’s dream plot to develop a property, such as Hotel Resort, Villa, Tourist attraction or other property which will support the tourism object of Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi regency with a lush and peaceful surrounding.

The land has a nice shape is a fantastic plot upon which to build a great villa or hotel resort  for either personal use or investment purposes and comes with a public access to the property. Electricity and water supply are available on site - ready to be built. This plot is currently priced at ONLY IDR 500 thousand / m2 or total about IDR 12 Billion equal to US$ 890,000 at the time of announced

Specification detail of the land:
Status : Freehold
Certificate : Available
Access Road : Can be reached by passing the public road
Over view can be seen : Mount Ijen, River & Tropical trees (rain forest)  
Nearest attraction : Ijen Crater, Waterfall, Agro Tourism & Rice Fields
Nearest Amenities : Ijen Resort Villas, Ijen Clift Hotel, Jiwa Jawa Resort, Grand Harvest Hotel & many Homestay/ Guesthouse

If you are interested to get further information & for bidding, please kindly to Contact Us